Insufficient Salary, Honorary Staff of UHO Join Drug Smuggling

Kendari, – Ditresnarkoba of Southeast Sulawesi Police Regional (Polda Sultra) succeeded in arresting of two narcotics drug dealers with 768 grams of meth. They were arrested with initials YS and SD. YS arrested at Halu Oleo Airport, while SD in Lapas Kelas II A Kendari.

It is known that one of suspect with the initials SD, is a honorary staff member in the Haluoleo University (UHO). In this case, SD acted as a warehouse in their network.

SD admitted that his salary as an honorary staff was not enough for his cost of living and his 4 children, so he ventured to do this work as a drug dealer.

Ditresnarkoba Polda Sultra, Satria Adhy Permana, S.I.K, M.Hum., in the destruction of the evidence press conference said, that they had received information related to the existence of a courier who departed from Makassar to Kendari.

“We have obtained information before if there is a courier carrying narcotics of methamphetamine from Makassar to Kendari who known as YS. When he arrived at Haluoleo Airport, the optional team immediately arresting the suspect YS in the taxi,“ said Adhy during the Press Conference at Ditresnarkoba Polda Sultra Office, Tuesday, 08/13/2019.

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On their way, the suspect explained that the Narcotics that he was carrying would be given to SD who had been waiting around in Lapas Kelas II A Kendari.

“When arriving at Lapas Kelas II A Kendari, the optional team immediately arresting SD. Then both of them were immediately taken to the Ditresnarkoba Polda Sultra for further examination,” he said.

From the examination results of the two suspect, YS proved to be positive using the illicit goods, while SD was negative using the Narcotics.

According to YS, he received Rp. 20.000 per gram for each 768 Narcotics, while SD gets paid around 3 Million Rupiahs.

Both of the suspects are now detaining in Southeast Sulawesi Police Regional office and will be in prison based on Indonesian Constitution, article 132 section 1, junto 114 section 2, subsidiary article 112 section 2, of Indonesian Constitution 2009 No. 35, concerning Narcotics with requested 20 years maximum in jail or death sentence. (Ighfa/RED)