The 72th Indonesian Independence Day Gift From Polda Sultra

Kendari, Sorot Sultra – AKBP Dian Nugraha HBWPS, SH. SIK, Polda Sultra’s Personnel whom represent Indonesia at International Military since 09/17th/2016. He was entered as a member of Indonesia UN Peacekeepers and success spotted a cocaine trafficking racket in wartorn Haiti.

This International Mission used a surveillance drone to monitor the target due to inacessible location. Indonesian contingents Commander of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti Adjunct Senior Commissioner Dian Nugraha said “It was a far coastal area, with poor access and steep hills”.

The Indonesian polices peace team assisted the Individual Police Officer (IPO), led by deputy Police Commisioner Des Cayes, Dumont, during a raid on cocaine network coincide the 72th Indonesian Independence Day on August 17th 2017.

The raid also involved two local prosecutors and three United Nations Police officials comprising two Indonesian IPO’s who served as drone operators to map out the area in which the cocaine was kept. This operation conducted a search in 15 homes and unearthed 11.136 Kilograms of cocaine. (Red)

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